Three Years In An Era

Three years. A long journey in a very short time!
I still feel as fresh as the summer of 2010, when it all began. Right out of school, I was a meek little guy trying to find his own self. From school to college, it’s a strangely fascinating transition. A shift which is sharp contrasted to the gradual developments in school life. The boundaries merge, new friendships emerge, limitations fade and you have to start everything from the scratch.
The three years I spent here have been a wonderful phase of my life. When I joined college I was wary of finding my way around, of getting to know people and adapting to this new surrounding which I knew will be with me for a very short time. It was not that I never changed schools, but the new phase and faces made me slightly uncomfortable. And now when I look back I only see hurdles of my own mind, college was always a free space.
The other question I had when I became a part of Dept. of English, Jamia Millia Islamia, was that whether someone would know me? I felt like a drop in the sea of thousands of students, and my heart sank. Move forward three years and I am really contented with the love and respect I have earned for me and the different opportunities I got to support the various initiatives of my department. I feel proud to be associated with the festivals and initiatives happening all over the campus, and I really hope that my efforts were up to the expectations.
One of the many things which make college a lot more exciting is the relationships you foster. Now don’t get too excited or smiley-smiley with ‘relationships’, I just mean friendships among the classmates and also with the members of other batches too. Though I missed interacting much with my seniors and juniors during my first two years, The Pickwick Fest somewhat made it up for me in my final year. The excellent team-work from all the Bachelors and Masters batches was a tremendous binding force. Everyone had a single motivation to pull off a great event, and needless to say, they all succeeded in their efforts. Post the event, I was able to see the dept. in an all new light, much more brighter and vivid. I got to know many more people and got some really valuable friendships apart from helping the dept. create a new chapter in its history.
I feel privileged to be part of Jamia in such a wonderful time, and would like to congratulate my juniors for the excellent work they are doing. The department as well the University is seeing an excellent wave of new initiatives and extra-curricular initiatives which is cementing the position of Jamia all over the country, and to be a member of such prestigious organization is a very happy thing to note. I will be gone tomorrow, not with a heavy heart but with a brighter soul. I will miss my beloved dept. and all the beautiful people this place has gifted me. Thank You!

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