Mera Bharat Kahan?

We are a very aggressive nation, and possessive too. But we are still confused between the two emotions. We are aggressive about our relations and possessive about politics and Bollywood and sports. We solemnly believe in public property, and everyone who is known in public, is a property.  The real state of these properties is seldom known. We, the people of India, create big shoes to fill and if unfulfilled, we throw a shoe to make our point.

The point is not the shoe or the slap, but the psychology of the attacker. Maybe the attack is an uncensored version of the general public sentiment, or just a flash in the pan. An attacker is like a new guy in love, “Dude, this is a strange feeling. I don’t know what to feeeeeeel. This feeling! I just want to run and (blank)”. Fill the blank with ‘dance’ or ‘throw stones’ depending on your romantic or political leanings. The heat of the moment ruins both of them.

What ruins my mood is the amount of liberty people extract from the already generous ‘Right to Freedom’ provision of our beloved constitution. You want to voice your opinion? Right to freedom, sir. You want to slap your minister? Right to freedom, sir. And you also want to engrave the monuments, burn effigy of celebrities, watch Sunny Leone 24 hours, or worship Tushar Kapoor? Right to freedom, sir. Right?

The left-handed batsman of Indian cricket team, Yuvraj Singh was recently abused, and his house attacked for playing slow in the recently concluded ICC T20 World Cup. Obviously, it is T20. Audience needs action on every ball. And it is so easy to hit 6 sixes in an over, no? Ask the trolls and stone-throwers. What sort of a cricket-worshipping nation we will be if we don’t voice our disgust, if we acknowledge the fact that the other team played well? How can our ‘religion’ be inferior to the other? We turn atheist for a wish unfulfilled, so what is an over.

When was the last time a politician was hit for under-performing? Ohh yes, Mr. Kejriwal, I understand your pain. How easy and fulfilling it must be for an angry protester to show his anger physically. But does it serve the democratic principles? Does the fault only lie in the representatives? Aren’t we equally responsible to carry the ‘World’s largest democracy’ towards a better tomorrow? And trust me, there is a better way. A harsher, sharper and easier way to voice our anger, to show our support towards specific policies and to help constructive development. Vote. Your shoe will hurt them for a week. Your vote can hurt them for the next 5 years.

Your force has the power to change things dramatically. Use it wisely.


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