Book Review: Ebbs & Flows

Life has an interesting way to unravel itself. It comes to you in episodes, and leaves with some learning. That’s how life is built and lived, and these crest and troughs are necessary to realize the worth of it all. It is this human spirit, and the nature of time, which forms the center of the novel, ‘Ebbs & Flows’, by Amitava Chaudhuri.

Ebbs & Flows is a collection of short stories with a central theme of how life balances everything. You may be proudy, jealous or intolerant, life will find a way to get back at you. Similarly there are easter eggs, hidden pleasures which may come suddenly, when you least expect them.

The book starts with a short story titled ‘Man and beast’, and is a take on the human-animal relationship. The story sets the tone for the book with the whole idea of Karma strewn in the narrative.

The book then moves to another story, ‘The preach not practised’, which is a very weak story for the beginning. It looks half-baked and there is a craving for a proper conclusion. But then like life has it, there is light and shade in this book too. Though some stories fail to drive home any point, such as ‘His Goddess’, and an unnecessarily elongated story, ‘Story of a thief’, stories like ‘All in your mind’, ‘The unlucky child’, ‘Doubts’ and ‘Their story’, are beautifully written. These stories are about normal, next-door people. Their issues are relatable, and emotions nearly tangible. It is life poured in a book.

Sort and sift, but go through this book. You may learn something about life, or at least savour the smile this book brings to you.

Happy Reading!

Book: Ebbs & Flows
Author: Amitava Chaudhuri
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
Price: Rs 100


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