Book Review: The Old Man and The Nymph

Here’s something beautifully Greek. The metamorphosis of the silently invigorating despicability of Michelangelo in a Grecian urn by the morbidly volatile flow of the ravaging water was catastrophic. Did that just sounded Greek to you but not looked like it? Maybe it also faltered on the promise of presenting something ‘beautiful’, and maybe in all due chances it went above your head.

That’s how I was like after reading ‘The Old Man and the Nymphs’ by Vipin Behari Goyal. The book may have made complete sense to the writer, there must be ‘so-called Greek’ inspirations, the book may have followed a majestic style of narration, but it all fthe-old-man-and-the-nymphalls flat when it doesn’t make sense to the reader.

It was all weighed down by its own burden. The story of three old men flinging with ‘Greek-like Nymphs’ in an ‘Indian context’ sounds quite interesting. But then reality dawns as one starts to read the story and explores the much obnoxious stuff en route. I wandered aimlessly in a similarly written book which told the story of an old Colonel and two other men who get involved with three young nymphs, or young girls. Each had their own interests to fulfill.

The story felt great in the beginning, but again the execution was a major hurdle. I somehow lost the plot in the middle and got confused. This felt more like a book by a Paulo Coelho inspired fan with a fascinating story to tell, but in far little time and resources.

I respect Mr. Goyal for this effort, which was beautiful in parts – especially the excruciatingly detailed episodes and abstract expressions. But all in all, this falls much short of what it eventually set out to achieve, and hence is a big disappointment. The less said the better.


Book: The Old Man and The Nymph
Author: Vipin Behari Lal
Price: 140
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication


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