Movie Review: Entertainment

I still remember watching Moti jump into the screen and seize all the heroic glory, avenging the murder of his co-star Ram, played by Jackie Shroff. It was in the 1985 hit ‘Teri Meherbaniyan’, which had Moti, a dog, playing the lead role. Everybody appreciated the Jackie-Moti chemistry in the movie. On a different note, Mr. Shroff named his son ‘Tiger’, when he was born 15 years later.

‘Enough word-play’, and that is what will make you cringe as you go through Akshay Kumar’s…err..I mean Junior’s ‘Entertainment’. Junior is the off-screen name of the dog who’s named Entertainment in the movie for whatever odd reasons, and the movie is called so for whatever odder reasons.

Akshay Kumar plays a struggling actor-background dancer-umpire in the film, and he struggles to push in a lot of energy in the film, nearly shouting out each dialogue. Benadryl should watchout closely for a probably client.
Akshay’s ‘diaper-dost’ is Krushna Abhishek, who has a movie rental store and talks only in filmy names. Both Akshay and Krushna have repetitive style of dialogues, and the occasional laughter simmers down to a grunt here and there.

Scattered is also the role of Tamannah, who now seems to be a stable diet of mindless movies. Debuting with ‘Himmatwala’, then ‘Humshakals’, and now this, I am just waiting to praise the acting credential of Tamannah someday. Sweet dreams.

The movie has a story line shorter than it’s first trailer. Akshay Kumar wants to get rich, because that is the condition Tamannah’s dad, Mithun Chakravorthy, will allow him to marry her. But this is no ‘Maine Pyaar Kia’ where our hero obediently goes breaking stones and going black in the mines. He discovers that he’s an adopted child, and after the cat is out of the bag, he also discovers that he has an ultra-rich lineage. Kismat on a Bullet Train.

Akshay flies to Bangkok and gets to know through the family lawyer Johnny Lever (classic man!), that the property is transferred to ‘Entertainment’, the dog. Then comes the plan to execute the dog, followed by a repentance and reconciliation between Akshay and Entertainment, followed by the entry of ‘villains’ Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood, followed by an ultra-mix of SMS jokes blended with a pun on every word, by every character. The humor gets lost in the noise, and so does entertainment.

Sajid-Farhad the director duo have previously written movies like Chennai Express, Golmaal 3 and the flavor is much evident. It’s just that the ingredients taste somewhat stale, and a little cheesy to at times. It made me smile at certain places, but happy? I would prefer making a puppy face to that question.


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