Book Review: Even God Doesn’t Know!


Love is a complicated issue in itself. Two people falling mutually in love is a difficult feat, and those who manage it have their story written in big, bold letters. But then there are so many of them now. So adding to the difficulty levels are love-triangles. A loves B, But B and C are in love. A feels bad, and either seeks ‘revenge’ or goes into oblivion. 

This is one such story of Amar, Akbar and (no, not Anthony, but) Rekha. I know images of yesteryear actors popped in my mind too. So Amar and Akbar are friends. Amar is poor, Akbar is rich, but by some act of fate both of them are studying together since school and are best of friends, almost sharing everything. Rekha is Akbar’s classmate, and Amar’s love interest in college. Love blossoms, for Rekha in Amar, and between Akbar and Rekha. Oops.

With some mishappening in Akbar’s family, Rekha and Akbar are not able to marry each other and Amar gets another chance in life. Rekha and Amar get together. And this is just the beginning of an intricately defined story of love, hatred and jealousy.

‘Even God Doesn’t Know!’ (EGDK)  is a long story, with many twists and turns. But the book doesn’t seem to drag much as a lot of stuff keeps happening every now and then. The parents of both Amar and Akbar are fickle-minded characters. They wish their children to grow more and rise, but when it comes upon them, or rather their assets and property, they overlook all the aspirations of their children. It is a very complex situation they are portrayed in. Here, the parents are self-centered and influence their son’s life, and the storyline, dramatically.

So much drama happens in the book, which sometimes feel too preachy and some dialogues feel too unreal. But all in all the character of the story is retained, for which I would like to give the writer, Rajeev Pundir, full credits.

This is not a perfect book, but it keeps you glued, offers insight into today’s world of disbelief and lack of commitment. If you wish to try something similar to the good old love-stories, but with a different twist, EGDK is the one book you should keep your hands on.

Book: Even God Doesn’t Know
Author: Rajeev Pundir
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
Price: 180




One thought on “Book Review: Even God Doesn’t Know!

  1. Dear Sir,
    I’m really grateful to you to give your frank review of my novel “Even God Doesn’t Know!”
    Since it’s my first book, the reviews it’s getting are far beyond my expectations.
    You can well imagine and feel the happiness when someone gets ‘full credits’ for his work by the experts like you.
    Thanks again for boosting my morale.
    And accepting my shortcomings whatsoever maybe,
    With regards,
    Rajeev Pundir

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