Movie Review: Singham Returns

The invincible and unbelievable police-wallah is back. Yes, he rips out dialogues and muscles in nearly every frame. Yes, he croons in Arijit Singh’s voice. Yes, he also has a number with Yo Yo Honey Singh. All that with a lot of fight sequences. He’s Bajirao Singham, and he has all the present-day requirements for a comfortable box-office show.

Hidden beneath the gloss are a lot of empty spaces, which look more prominent when compares to the original Singham. In Singham Returns Ajay Devgn returns as the principal protagonist, now to save Mumbai city. He has some serious stats up his sleeves, of how 47,000 Mumbai Police officers stay awake to let the city sleep in peace. He’s Batman in khaki. He’s everywhere when somebody needs him, and from petty street-bikers to underworld mafias, he serves them all.  SR

He’s assisted in his job by a team of faithful officers. One of them is Daya, who’s actual name is Daya, and is called Daya in the eternal tv-series ‘CID’. Daya also gets to break some doors in the movie too. Doors though have never been a limiting factor in any of Rohit Shetty’s films. People just walk/run/fly/jog/swim/sleep-walk through the doors of houses, forts, cars. Apart from some strategic cuts on forehead, and a scratch on the car, and a hole in the wall, no other damage! Zero collateral damage. Zero physics points.

Pointless is what Kareena Kapoor Khan does in the movie. She plays Avni, a character which she can very well patent after her Jab We Met days. A cheery, aggressive, outspoken girl who’s head-over-jooti in love with Singham. She acts so stupid that Singham looks a lot more brighter. Other bright spot in the movie is the Godman, played by Amole Gupte. He plays the antagonist you cannot really hate.

The love story of Singham-Avni doesn’t hold much of a significance and is mostly a filler. And the dialogues are also filled with a dialogue in Marathi after every two dialogues. I just honed my skills to read facial expressions during those moments.

A lot of runtime is dedicated to flying-time in Singham Returns. Since, this is a Rohit Shetty direction, cars have to fly, howsoever heavy they might be. So we have a lot of soaring heavy-metal performance, and some actual storyline to complement the flow. Well, this feels good because a lot of recent action films have missed out only on the story. Yes, otherwise they were packed.

Singham Returns is a good package, but of the kind which includes a lot of extra frills which may put you off. Concentrate on the ‘stress-ball squeezing’ Singham dance and the tiger roar, and you will be fine. And if you don’t like it, just keep that ‘Ataa Maaji Satakli’ look, which comes free with the movie.


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