Picture Post-Mortem: Happy New Year

I was scared. Very , very scared since the trailer came out. A heist movie being directed by Farah Khan gave me Tees-Maar-Khan jitters. Shah Rukh Khan had been burning his fingers every now and then with movies like Ra.One and Chennai Express, attempting action and comedy. Happy New Year (HNY) was supposed to have all those elements and much more. My fingers were crossed.

Crossing paths once again and collaborating after a gap in years and friendship, director Farah Khan and producer Shah Rukh Khan team up to celebrate Happy New Year, after the hugely successful entertainer Om Shanti Om, which also released on Diwali and had Farah-SRK-Deepika. Diwali Déjà vu.

Wooing audience this time are Boman Irani’s ever-so-convincing character, Deepika Padukone’s Glam-to-gloom-to-glam avatars, Dubai in all its visual brilliance, and of course, SRK’s eight-pack abs.

SRK plays Charlie, a Boston University Topper who ends up living the life of a street-fighter. How? Nahi pata sal. Main batata hun. SRK’s father, Anupam Kher, made lockers. Kher is framed in a false case of robbery by the Mausi-Chi villain Jackie Shroff, who plays Charan Grover. Baddd maannn!

Charlie takes insaaf-ka-tarazu in his hands and goes fighting in mud. Meanwhile Grover is all hale and hearty with an ultra-rich business of safety lockers, and also gets entrusted to keep safe Mughal diamonds worth Rs. 300 crore. The diamonds were to be kept in Hotel Atlantis, Dubai which would also be hosting the World Dance Championships. The insaaf-ka-tarazu is ready for a hip-hop shake-up.

Charlie starts gathering his ‘angels’. A team of ‘losers’ as he himself calls it. First up is Sonu Sood as Jag, who has been in the bomb-disposal squad of the Indian Army, but now works under film-damager..err..director, Sajid Khan, and blows color-bombs. Don’t ask how or why or what. But the diamonds are protected in a safe! So comes Boman Irani, a Parsi stud in his 50s, who has a chemistry with safes, since he was a colleague of Charlie’s father. But the safe has a high-voltage laser wall coded with some random gibberish! For that we get Vivaan Shah, a hacker whose bad luck with girls and Justin-Bieberish looks make him another perfect loser for the team. But, but, but the laser wall and vault can only be accessed by Grover’s son Vicky! Ladies, I present to you Abhishek Bachhan who plays a double-role. I know you are happy. Right?

Charlie has all the plans laid-out. Then they participate in a dance competition. Dance comes to them as naturally as decent behavior in KRK. So they fail miserably. SOS, and saucy Deepika is brought to get sandwiched in the plan. Deepika plays a bar dancer, and she was approached to instruct the team because Prabhu Deva failed to teach them. Deepika loves ‘the English speak.’

So the characters are all introduced with a brief back-story attached to them, which becomes their reason to join the force-de-Borivali, or ‘TEEM DIMONDS’, as Deepika calls it. Sweet na?

The second half becomes predictable and plays on the patriotism and the ‘Indiawaale’ tag. Some double-meaning and racist jokes, which have become a regular of Farah Khan/SRK movies, are also thrown in here and there. Some are LOL. Some WTF.

With a run-time of three centuries, I mean, three hours, HNY becomes a little of a stretch but is able to hold you with its elements. In the very end, SRK’s youngest kid, AbRam Khan makes a cameo too. The movie leaves you with a good, warm feeling of festivities. This is a celebration of ‘paisa-vasool’ entertainment. And when it’s just the happiness you seek, there’s nothing to be scared of.


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