O Bummer!

Last winter, a certain Mishra ji was getting married. It was much awaited. He flashed a white gap-toothed smile every time people congratulated him. A short crop of peppered hair confused people about his age. Just like his hair, some hopes were dyed, some died. It was supposed to be a fresh reboot.

Mishra ji invited a local village head, Mr. Bakru, for his wedding reception. Mr. Bakru accepted, and the preparations started in full swing. It was a big thing for him to grace the occasion. From the wedding, people’s excitement shifted to Mr. Bakru’s presence in the function. The announcement created much hype and flutter. And when birds flutter, it ruffles a few feathers.

Some village elders commented that Mishra ji has invited Mr. Bakru to make Pakiza Tan jealous. Pakiza Tan and Mishra ji have had a love-hate relationship, after they were separated some 60-65 years ago. The watchman claimed that Mr. Bakru and Pakiza Tan also have some hidden relationship. Only a few people understood what’s going on.

Anyway, so the big day was here. Announcers went crazy shouting at the top of their voice from tall water tanks and electric poles of the impending visit of Mr. Bakru. The electric atmosphere made everyone forget that the village has been without power since the last few weeks. The food stalls were laid out with exotic names of fruitless preparations – Mango People, Banana Republic, Pumpkin Head. It all sounded drool-worthy.

Mishra ji hugged and kissed Mr. Bakru as he arrived on a 7 foot long bullock cart. The bullocks were healthy and wore long, flowing robes. It was time for celebration. Pre-wedding party was going great. Mishra ji dressed up in his Sunday best. In fact, three Sunday bests before it was even afternoon. The excitement was palpable.

The announcers dripped from their eyes and mouth. They conveyed every single activity at the top of their voice to the local villagers standing outside. They had to stand, as their movements were restricted to let Mr. Bakru move about in his cart. The announcers played songs of friendship and love in their loudspeakers, until the sound cracked. To get a better vantage point of the proceedings, the local announcers brought a heap of old dusty books and stood over them to raise their head. The book looked unused, with yellow pages. Journalism & Ethics, read one of the covers.

Many suspected the wedding was being used to promote other vested interests between Mishra ji and Mr. Bakru. There were expectations and hopes from all quarters. Mishra ji’s wedding became a community affair, and other villagers discussed it too. Maybe that was the plan. Mishra ji’s grin claimed that he’s reveling in pure marital bliss.

x – x

On a side note, Modi ji has invited Mr. Barack for the Republic Day celebrations in India. Wishing them both a good time discussing constructive policies.
[Claimer: The above post is satirical, if you’ve not guessed it already. Resemblance with living persons/nationalities is intended. If you missed any references, brush up current affairs. And if you find this even a little bit offensive, my job is done. Thank you]


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