How I Made My Life Easier, and ‘Appier’

It’s a convoluted world. There are multiple tabs on desktop, multiple tasks on smarter-than-thou phones, an multiple lifestyles to manage – all in a limited time. Every effort to navigate the multitude of tasks often meets with a messier fate. Similarly, I was on the crossroads. Then I got to know about the Airtel App. What’s it, and how did it help? Read on.

How often has it happened to you that in the middle of a beautiful conversation the call ends, and you see the regretful message of low balance, or how do you feel when you need to make that urgent call, hanging on a thread of hope, only to discover that you have run out of recharge on your phone, and can virtually do nothing, even the much detested missed call? I frankly have suffered a lot from these situations.

Being a media student and frequent traveler, I am mostly out in unknown territories. To lose phone balance creates a terrible situation for me, and has been virtually a crisis situation. But thankfully, there’s now a way around that. Airtel’s new My Airtel App allows you to recharge your phone accounts on the go. You need not fret about low balance anymore. What I found more interesting is that it provided me a detailed look into my account – the charges, the balance and validity of my account. Smooth.

Similarly, recharges can also be done for DTH connections, landline bills – which can be tracked on the app too. Plus, you have the option to save your credit card details for faster checkout and easier bill payments and recharges. This app promises to save a lot of my time and earn me some goodwill from my parents for paying the bills before the due date. Why shouldn’t you call this a lifesaver?

The other interesting thing about this app is that it can record shows on demand, it can connect you to the latest news and there’s an in-built extension of the Wynk music app. It actually helps declutter your phone by bringing together multiple services on one clean intuitive platform. Oh yes, it also allows access to Airtel’s much-loved feature, especially for new internet users, Airtel One Touch Internet, yes right within the app.

And the best part? On all your recharges you get cashback or coupons to be redeemed on partner websites, which include popular names such as Flipkart, Amazon and PVR. All the more reason to talk more, recharge more and get rewarded more, and all that with  just a few swipes.

I deeply value my phone and its in-built processing capabilities. This app works smooth on my Xiaomi Mi3, and actually reduces the need for multiple apps, as all the services are catered to from one common platform.

The Airtel My App is available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia Ovi platforms. To know more check out:

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