Putting A Smile On My Happiness Factory

5.30 AM. The alarm buzzing aloud in a vintage, metal desktop clock, sounding almost like a mini emergency in my part of the world. I used to wake up with groggy eyes, still not letting the blanket go. The winters are cruel for not changing the world order. Why can’t we hibernate in a cozy corner, as we patiently wait for the spring? The whistle of the cooker used to break my very first daydreams.

Following the sound, I found my mother slowly emerging from all the smoke in the kitchen. The whistling cooker tamed, and now the chapatis being fiercely flattened with one hand as she reached for the milk container with another. I saw a few goddesses somewhere, multiple hands, multiple utilities. My mother was managing equally well with just two.

Beta lunch pack kar rahin hoon, please kha lena,” my mother used to pack my lunch with a polite request to have it in the afternoon. With a nod, I used to run to the bathroom and got myself freshened up. As soon as I was ready, the lunch would already be packed and stored carefully in my bag.

The box threw up surprises, when the contents were unveiled with a pang of hunger. Sometimes noodles, sometimes cabbage, sometimes cheese sandwiches, sometimes spinach salad. But each of the time, one thing remained constant – a paper tissue with a big smile drawn on it ‘:)’. That made the lunch even more delicious, more lovely and more fulfilling. It was almost like having the lunch with my mother.

18 years on, I still see my mother waking up early so I don’t go to office empty-stomach and have something for lunch as well. I think it’s time to give something back. Just a small effort, a very small step for the fraction of what she has done, and continues to do.

I have been using McCain’s French Fries since a few years now. I wish to bring in their new range of McCain Smiles, that are equally easy to cook, light to have and can be served with a host of assortments and toppings.

This is my chance. I plan to serve these cute delicacies to the person who has cooked for me all her life. It will be her birthday really soon, and what better gift than to give her a smiling, happy and delicious breakfast, cooked by her son.

I think she’ll be happy, and there will be ‘smiles’. 🙂


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