Dear Shah Rukh Khan, Please Don’t Speak, Because India Has a Very Tolerant Government

Dear Shah,

Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you get swayed in all the public enchantment, and start talking from the heart? This world needs balance, of mind and power. Heart? That you need to cross out, for romance and love – however realistic they may be – are only limited to your movies.

It was nice hearing you on your 50th birthday. You’re on the wiser side of age now, and you’ve been acting this grown-up since the last few years. In 2010, when My Name is Khan was about to release, you opened your heart and pitched the idea of including Pakistani cricketers in the Indian Premier League.

No, no, you just don’t say the name of that country. It’s the Voldemort of our dark world. We are no wizards, but the magic lies somewhere. How else can misinterpretation, exaggeration and propaganda happen at such a rapid rate? Arresto Momentum.

Shiv Sena threatened to – and did – interrupt screenings and damage theaters. Only if you would’ve kept quiet.

What is Tolerance?
Actually it’s not your heart, as much as it’s your name. Yes Shah, your name is Khan. And yes, that makes you a terrorist if you go by Sadhvi Prachis and Yogi Adityanaths of this country. Yes, the very same country which you’ve called your homeland, for the freedom of which your father fought in his life.

On your birthday, you said that the nation is seeing increased intolerance all around, and how stupid are those people who question you on your patriotism. But sadly, you just set the tolerance alert ringing. There were calls to send you to Pakistan, tagging you a terrorist, and your personal life threatened, just to remind you that we are really very chilled, and tolerant. Please mind this fact.


The one thing that breaks my heart into a million pieces is the fact that they are asking you, the man who sold us Swiss dreams, tingling our ears to melodious delight, to move to the country-which-cannot-be-named. Alas! As the song goes in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge..”Iss gaon ki anpadh mitti padh nahin sakti teri chithhi…”

Trust me, the Indian government is really calm on such issues. What bigger example of tolerance do you need from a government which still hasn’t deviated from its line of governance even after receiving back several awards, criticisms and political opposition. See, there the magic lies.

Let’s keep the magic realism to the reel roles you do. We understand Raj and Rahul, and we fall in love with them and believe their stories. We also tolerate movies like Happy New Year, and Ra.One which come as a side note to an otherwise illustrious career of yours. We shall redeem you of your burden by supporting you through this mud-slinging fest too. But in return, cross your heart and promise that you won’t champion a cause that talks about the reality off-screen. We won’t tolerate that, or perhaps we will, but you would have to bear the consequences.


4 thoughts on “Dear Shah Rukh Khan, Please Don’t Speak, Because India Has a Very Tolerant Government

  1. Aaqib Raza Khan,

    I like your writing and what most of the Journalist write. They write from the heart, the heart that beats only for the people alike.
    Now ask a question RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, is something that started on May 26th, 2014. Untill May 26th, all Indian’s were peace loving.
    Dadri lynching nothing to do with current government in Power, yet the current at center is reposible.
    All the attacks on churches last year by some miscreants (who were from minority community and by people from minority community from across the border), yet the Central Government in power is responsible.
    Dalit Killing in Haryana now takes a turn but the media/journalists are tight lipped (Supposedly, the father himself set the family on fire), yet the central government is responsible.
    A RSS member in Karnataka hacked to death by Religious Minority people, you media/journalist are like who the F cares. A RSS member in Kerala hacked to death by Religious Minority, again you media/journalist tight lipped.
    The current government is only against Cow Slaughter, not against eating beef.
    Get your facts right, be APOLITICAL. You writings are never apolitical, and if I slam you in TWITTER, you friends will come to your defense, as if you are the most beautiful heart in this world.

    And yes, SRK should have kept his mouth shut or opened his mouth for all the shit happening in India.



    1. Thank you Sachin for such a long feedback. I appreciate your time and efforts. Also, I am happy you like my writing. Kindly keep visiting and helping me with your suggestions.

      Coming to the point of this blog, it’s specifically for and about Shah Rukh Khan and the reactions he has been getting for voicing his opinions. This is what I, or probably even SRK, meant by tolerance.

      We don’t wish to listen to the other side. We jump to conclusions and seek a firm rebuttal and response.

      In my blog, I didn’t mention anything about religious intolerance, which you’ve mentioned in ALL CAPS. But I get it, you are deliberately steering the debate in that direction, which I have refrained from commenting upon.

      I condemn each attack, whether on majority or minority community, equivocally. There should be no space for violence in any of the religion or our day-to-day communications.

      There are a few points in your comment which has really got me confused. ‘The current government is only against Cow Slaughter, not against eating beef.’ Well, the incidents have proved otherwise. A man may get killed for storing mutton, a government office may get raided by the cops for suspicions of selling beef, and there’s such a huge hue-and-cry on this contentious issue.

      One underlying aspect of your comment is that the government is really interfering in the food habits of the nation. You’re asking me to be apolitical. But sir, the government is becoming religious, so somebody has to care about politics.

      And on what basis can you ask me to become apolitical? Just because I’m a journalist? Doesn’t that give me a better right to be political in my opinions?

      Or do I have to be as blind as a few people in the government are to the plight of people. We may all think of our world as a bed of roses, but remember, the thorns come complementary. You may choose to ignore them, but they shall prick you from points you never imagined.

      Also, I am entitled to my opinion, and you to yours. I very well respect that and approve your comment to be visible to all, because I think in a democracy, dialogue is really, really important.

      Your emphasis on being ‘apolitical’ and refraining from comments is in a sad taste. Why shouldn’t SRK speak, and why should he keep his ‘mouth shut’?

      What makes a person accountable for all the previous incidents if he decides to talk about something happening currently. Does it mean if you weren’t able to speak anytime before, you have lost the right to raise your voice even today? What kind of an argument is this?

      See, I am no media owner or a gate-keeper. I don’t judge or decide what needs to go out. I have this little blog with a few thousand visitors. I write for this small group of people, and I am happy to do so from the heart. Even if it doesn’t suit your ideals.

      I am not interested in politics. In fact, I rarely read or write about it. I write about subjects I really feel about (in this case Shah Rukh Khan and the freedom of speech) but somehow it’s given a political view. Guess who did it this time, and who’s questioning my and SRK’s freedom of speech? You, my dear friend.

      But I don’t want you to keep your mouth shut. I wish you health and all the best, for we need a healthy dialogue. Also, next time, thoda chhota likhna yaar. Bohot zyada type kara diya.


  2. What a sarcastic article with equal balance of humour, wit and reality. 🙂 I hope you keep writing further and let people voice their opinions as well 😉

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