Picture Post-Mortem: Baaghi

After the past few weeks with a 3D Bagheera, and a dual-role big hero, Baaghi punched its way into the theaters. Baaghi – which means a rebel – is brought to you by the team of Heropanti. I haven’t had the luck (fortunately?) to go for it then, but I sat through Baaghi. Partly for Shradhha Kapoor, and partly for this review.

And Tiger Shroff? Itni jaldi kya hai, abhi to maine start kia hai.


If Baaghi wouldn’t have been a movie, it could easily have been a long Telebrands documentary on Tiger, the recession edition of Hrithik Roshan.

Close up shots of wholesale-pack of abs. Check. Hero type dialogues to guarantee whistles and riots in single screen theaters. Check. Dance skills which look like martial arts. Check. Martial arts which looks like dance steps. Check.


Baaghi, directed by Sabbir Khan, plays with the classical story of a baddie kidnapping a woman, and the woman’s lover going on a rescue mission. Jai Sia Ram!

Yes, Shradhha Kapoor is called Sia. Ram…err..Tiger is called Ronny. Sudheer Babu’s Ravaan is Raghav. And the story moves from Kerala (where our two Punjabi characters meet) to Bangkok (where we see lots of subtle and not-so-subtle racism, because mazzzeeeeyyy).

Shradhha continues to play the same I-am-so-cute-that-I-come-across-as-borderline-stupid character. She keeps craving for rains, and fights with God when it stops. She’s basically playing Latur in the movie.


Ronny comes to learn Kalaripayattu at some big-shot coaching centre of martial arts in Kerala – which his dad asked him to join. Because he wanted Ronny to not be a rebel…and learn to fight, and be more human. Wait, what? Well, of course, there’s faadu competition in exams nowadays. Also when you learn martial arts, and then you pick up a fight, you actually get to use your education somewhere. Burn, algebra, burn.

In the end, you end up picking a few tricks too, on how to be a rebel in film-making, by getting inspired by two films, yet serving a movie with a half-cooked script.


Should you watch this? Well, if you want to Save the Tiger, and his filmy career. Warna apni, apni Shraddha.

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much for being ever so kind with your words. I am glad you like them, and that’s what keeps me going. Please keep reading, and the feedback coming. 🙂

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