The Taste of Punjab, Made in Punjab

Sometimes you go looking for food, and end up stuffing on a lot of love and warmth. That’s exactly what happened when I visited Made in Punjab, a restaurant by Zorawar Kalra, in Noida’s Mall of India.

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Instagramzan Mubarak

पिछले संडे को मैं जामा मस्जिद गया क्यूंकि रमज़ान का ‘फील’ वहीं अाता हैं | दिल्ली में 24 साल गुज़ारने के बाद पहली बार जामा मस्जिद पे इफ़्तार करने वाला था | भाई वाह |

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Picture Post-Mortem: FAN

FAN, directed by Maneesh Sharma, tells the story of a Bollywood star and his besotted fan. Quite intriguing. And after playing with fire with a few forgettable films in the past couple of years, this was supposed to be SRK’s agnipariksha. The heat was definitely on, because this film claims to have a story, at least.

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